Converting Engineered Fuels
Into Renewable Energy

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What we do

Quantum Power generates clean, renewable energy in the form of electricity generated by a fuel stock that otherwise would have been discarded. Our clean-combustion process converts industrial byproducts into a sustainable power.

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Cost Effective

Clean combustion

Our process is recognized and regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency as well as the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. Our process meets or exceeds regulatory standards.

  • Meets or Exceeds All Standards
  • Approved By U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Approved By the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality
Tons of Byproduct Eliminated Per Year
Megawatts of Power Created Per Year

Renewable energy

Our fuel stock is obtained from various industrial and consumer byproducts of the manufacturing process. Quantum Power takes on these bulk material streams as a renewable engineered fuel. Energy recovery from materials like these are important in the development of sustainable energy policies, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Why Choose Us

For manufacturing Companies

We diversify the energy mix for manufacturers who require a percentage of their power portfolio to be renewable.

For waste & recycling companies

Turn to Quantum Power when you need a destination for non-hazardous materials, including manufacturing byproducts that can’t be landfilled.

For economic development commissions

We enhance quality of life by bringing to communities well-paying jobs that create careers built on a growing sector.

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