About Us

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What We Do

Quantum Power generates renewable energy. For communities, businesses and people who rely on a daily power supply to maintain quality of life in an on-demand age of digital applications, electronic innovation and information accessibility, we sustain economic confidence, energy security and general well-being.

How do we do it? Quantum Power uses industrial byproducts that have been converted into an engineered fuel. That fuel is then used in a clean combustion thermal process, which creates steam to drive a turbine that generates electricity. Materials that might have been buried in a landfill or otherwise destroyed become fuel to generate power.

We adhere to strict environmental regulations created by the US Environmental Protection Agency and enforced by North Carolina agencies. The power we create enhances energy security, sustains communities and propels future prosperity.

The electrical grid is aging, but the demand for power never grows old. That’s why we deliver power through sources that replenish themselves. Quantum provides power: To grow. To thrive. To prosper.

Who We Are

Quantum Power is built on a foundation of industry expertise, well-funded partners and North Carolina pride.

We have assembled a deeply experienced, highly skilled team of domain experts in combustion, power production, air quality control systems and regulatory compliance – including a former NASA engineer who worked on combustion systems for the Space Shuttle.

Our experts have more than 100 years combined experience in the technologies and processes Quantum relies on to deliver power.

Our partners are well-established in the Southeast, including North Carolina. Their capital and business guidance provides a solid foundation and the liquidity required for a stable trajectory. With our robust capital investment, many of the returns will be re-invested in the local community.

How We Started

As founding members of Quantum Power, Mark Romano, Jay Shott, Joshua Drake and Benjamin Vanhook share a commitment to advancing proven, profitable energy-recovery technologies. Their vision for the industry goes far beyond the conventional practice of extracting reusable materials from manufacturing processes and disposing of the rest in landfills. They’re committed to success in producing electricity from a variety of postindustrial materials through a clean combustion process that creates steam to drive an electricity-generating turbine.

Quantum Power’s founders bring together their like-minded drive after many years of success in business, technology, and an interest in producing sustainable energy from recyclable materials. Mark, Quantum Power’s president, has worked in energy efficiency, energy conservation, and energy production for numerous years.

Mark teamed up with Jay and Josh, who were already business partners, primarily in real estate transactions, as well as Vanhook, an entrepreneur and established businessman.

Jay serves as chief operating officer of his real estate development company, Diamondback Property Inc. The Mooresville, North Carolina-based company, and its parent Zip Properties Inc., own and manage commercial and residential properties and other investments in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. Jay is also a principal owner and managing member of several other entities involved in a variety of real estate development and capital lending ventures.

Since starting his first successful company at the age of 19, Benjamin has taught and coached high school athletics while launching a thriving real estate and construction company. He’s also co-founder with Drake and head principal of VanDrake Investments, a diversified company that specializes in real estate development and other investment opportunities.

For a decade, Josh has been actively investing in energy-recovery technologies, after helping his family build Franklin, North Carolina-based Drake Software into a top-tier provider of professional tax preparation software. He serves as the company’s vice president of marketing. More than 70,000 tax professionals nationwide use Drake, which processes more than 36 million federal and state returns annually.

Like his Quantum Power partners, Josh views the company’s mission in simple terms: There must be a better use for the ever-growing supply of trash than just burying it. The vision represents environmental responsibility and energy sustainability that signals a bright future for Quantum Power.

Business approach

We have cultivated a culture of respect, inspired by the North Carolina entrepreneurs who drive our business. We do right by our customers, neighbors and partners.

Our original energy efficiency business in Charlotte and Raleigh remains in strong operation since starting in 2001. We stand by our work, and we provide lifetime warranties. In two decades of business, we’ve learned to treat customers and partners like family.

We extend that culture whenever we conduct business, whenever we enter into agreements, whenever we interact with communities and the people who make them come to life.

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