Who We Serve

Shot of an Electronics Factory Workers Assembling Circuit Boards


Quantum Power is available as an energy partner for companies already in North Carolina or for businesses that come to the Tar Heel State for all its business advantages, including access to clean energy like ours. With engineering, planning and consulting, we can co-locate a renewable energy solution to suit your needs. Or, if your industrial process creates a non-hazardous material that you don’t want to be landfilled, know that manufacturing byproducts don’t need to be thrown away or buried. We can convert them into fuel and power.

Economic developers

For North Carolina mega sites, state certified sites and all designations in between, Quantum Power can provide renewable energy solutions and partnership to help spark economic growth. The power we create enhances energy security, sustains communities and propels future prosperity through sustainable energy, well-paying cleantech jobs and investment in local communities.

Skillful worker celebrate success in the factory

Waste and recycling companies

Quantum Power makes it easy for waste and recycling companies to partner with us as a destination for their industrial solutions. Our easy access to major North Carolina highways and US interstates creates convenient delivery routes for potential fuel stock. Our proximity to major manufacturing centers in the Southeast helps reduce transportation costs.

Energy partners

From utilities seeking renewable energy partners to other cleantech energy businesses that seek power partners, Quantum Power has the imagination, drive and expertise to create productive alliances that make North Carolina an attractive choice for business. More than 7 percent of North Carolina’s electricity is generated from renewable resources (US Energy Information Administration), and Quantum Power is ready to increase that output for the good of the state, its communities, people and businesses.

Crypto mining

Crypto mining is among the many industries we can power using renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Through a pilot project in Virginia, we have demonstrated the capability to acquire the real estate, establish the electrical infrastructure and the negotiate power agreements required to assemble a working bitcoin farm. From this model, we have extracted the knowledge for use in a next phase using clean combustion instead of fossil fuel.